Reputation Marketing: If you deal with the public, you should pay attention!

Posted on: 02/02/2015 by in Online Reputation Management

Who needs Repuation Marketing? Any business that serves the public. Let’s look at plumbers as an example.

If you are a plumber in Winston Salem and someone searches Google for “Plumber Winston Salem” and your company’s listing has multiple 5 star reviews from your clients,  do you see how your chances of landing that potential customer goreputation-marketing-Winston Salem-nc way up?

At Full Life Marketing, we show and teach you how to get great FIVE STAR reviews, prevent you from receiving negative reviews and market your great reputation online so your phone is ringing off the hook.

Not only should you have your customers post reviews on Google + local, but also on the other major online directories as well. In order to post reviews, you must first claim your listing in order to prove you are the owner. Some of the directories you need to be found in include:

These are the main citation site for your business to be listed. You are probably wondering, “why should I claim my listing”. Here are a few reasons why:

  • gives your business more authority, much more than backlinks
  • give your business access to new markets
  • lets consumers know your company contacts are accurate
  • gives you the ability to respond to bad reviews
  • gives you more opportunity to get & post reviews
  • many sites aggregate reviews.

Also, when you claim all of these sites, make sure the company name, address, and phone number is EXACTLY like your Google + local page.

Are you interested in a free report to see your company’s reputation,  Click HERE and input your business phone number and you will receive the report instantly. Then call us at 336.817.6990 to learn how we can help you build and market your FIVE STAR reputation.